Academic painter & graphic artist


„The frame of the sky, a part of the earth”

  • 2001. Zrenjanin, Serbia, gallery Spiritual center
  • 2001. Novi Sad,Serbia,  Cultural center

Reflexions about the Sky, the Earth and their mutual relationship, particularities, possibilities and limitations  of being able to grasp the symbolic is essentially innate to all human beings. Religious and philosophical teachings and interpretations certainly leave their profound impact upon these reflexions. The final impression, however, remains very much the same and this is especially true of individuals endowed with a talent enabling them to articulate their thoughts and emotions through the act of creating which culminates in a work of art.

In her first individual exhibition, Jelena Bjelica presents her reflexions on this subject. Using a seemingly simple and everyday element – a window – she constructs a stylistically abstract but essentially boundless artistic system. The choice of quality post-modernistic elements enables the artist to further the evolution of her artistic expression in a convincing manner. A debate on the symbolism of colouring applied in her work (blue and ocher surfaces, strong black contouring, red accentuation) becomes almost superfluous. Her work radiates crystal clarity. It would be difficult to imagine that anyone would require an introduction in order to understand all the messages conveyed by the young artist. An eternal metaphysical quality of the theme, amplified by a complete personal urbanisation and a sense of ever-growing self-alienation of the human race combined with the universality of colour, enable Jelena to express her creative direction using a comprehensive and contemporary language, leading to a final artistic maturation. Abstract compositions presented at the exhibition are not seedless fruit of exclusive intellectual analysis of what has been studied. The notion that an artist through her intervention may transfer the ‘given and found’ in her surroundings into a work of art is not without consequence.  A profound spiritual and mental process is revealed, articulated through more than just a choice of elements, thus becoming a borderline as well as a mediator. It separates the real from the imaginary in Jelena’s work. It also sets the tone for future directions in her artistic evolution.Her professional development as a graphic artist, the choice of mutual interaction between collage and installation as a way of expressing the manifestation of providence, realisation and experience  all have the capacity to raise Jelena – as an creative artist – to significant artistic heights.  With this exhibition, she boldly announces her next one, which promises to become even more exciting. Hopefully, Jelena will have enough artistic stamina to maintain her position among established painters and graphic artists, so that in time another high quality artist would enrich our art scene.

Luka Salapura, critic